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We Are Bons

Bons is a modern web agency devoted to crafting your digital vision. With 10+ years of building web experiences, we help clients win at digital.

About us

By deploying the latest technologies, techniques and best practices Bons will build your website or product efficiently, beautifully, and with your users in mind. We strive to not only make the end product functional and inspiring, but to make working with us just as delightful for our valued customers.


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Years of Experience

Keep it Simple, Make it Wow

We are pragmatic, efficient, and care about quality more than we are prepared to admit. Our work is complex, so our products are simple to use. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring: we like to wow people.

We have partners, not clients

We believe the best work happens when we all work together, pushing each other's boundaries while sharing our knowledge, experience, and expertise. We don’t think like a client and agency, we are all in the same team!

Be curious, challenge the old ways

Since the beginning, we take pride on always challenging ourselves to be better, faster, and smarter. We made progress, but we don’t settle that easily. We strive for greatness and we like our work to reflect that.

We are Entrepreneurs

Every day at Bons we help businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to innovate and create the future. But this time, we set out on an adventure of our own: building an internal startup from scratch.

As a result, we built Produck, a work management platform that helps teams become more efficient and achieve more at work with modern functionalities and powerful planning tools. Oh yes, we are using it ourselves with our clients!

We Invest with our Services

We partner with amazing entrepreneurs and invest with our own services. We closely collaborate with founders and their teams, integrating our design, strategy, and implementation expertise with theirs to build amazing products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your areas of focus as a digital agency?

We are a full-service agency with everything your business needs to succeed on the digital world. We focus on creating beautiful and powerful websites and web applications. To be able to do that successfully, we have an amazing in-house team of web and product designers, illustrators, animators, frontend and backend engineers, project managers, QA analysts, marketing specialists and product managers.

Can you help us with our legacy enterprise website/application?

Absolutely! Our team’s experience working with startups and innovative businesses allows us to help enterprises move faster than ever and innovate at a quick pace like a startup. We partner with enterprises to create websites and web applications that showcase the legacy and experience of your business to the next generation.

Where are you located?

We are a remote first team distributed around the world with our Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Do you outsource?

No. We have an amazing in-house team that work closely with our clients.

How good are your communication and pm skills?

Oh, we are good! Let’s start with the fact that we have built our own Project Management Software (produck.io). On top of that, our project management team exceeds any expectations keeping an open communication over Slack for collaboration, sharing updates, keeping everyone in the loop, and working as a team.

What's your experience?

Over the last 9+ years Bons has built web applications that help governments operate more efficiently, digital products that increase and sustain productivity, a host of design and development tools, and countless websites and digital experiences.

Can you sign an NDA before we talk?

Good news! We made it even easier for you to safely share information with us, here is the legal stuff for your review:

Herewith we inform you about the validity of our general terms and conditions regarding secrecy with regard to confidential information. These conditions apply as soon as information is exchanged or made available, regardless of whether a contract with BONS GmbH is actually concluded. Those Terms can be viewed under here