Work at Bons

Do amazing things, together

Benefits & Perks

We do everything to make sure you feel good, motivated, and supported.

Paternity leave

We know how important some moments in life are, and we want you to miss none of them. That’s why we support new parents to spend quality time with their newborns.

Time Off

Enjoy your time off to relax, travel the world or just spend time with your loved ones.


For creating great things, you’ll need to have awesome equipment, that’s why we will provide you everything you need to boost your experience at Bons!

Remote Friendly

Office, Home Office, World Office. Your choice.


Join us once per month for a beer, a movie, or many other activities we enjoy doing as a team after working hours.

Learning & Development

We love doing all kinds of workshops, technical meetings and hosting meetups for you to be aware of the latest technologies, tools and best practices on the field.

Nice to know

Work with A players of the industry researching, creating and developing challenging projects from top partners and companies. Competitive compensation included!

Current Openings

Join our amazing team

We hire talent that is passionate about growth, and wants to be empowered to reach the best version of themselves.

Project Management

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how to apply

Application Process

We have a straightforward process to make sure we are a match, evaluating your skills and giving you a deep dive into Bons.

Illustration of a hand and paper

1. It’s a match!

Your skills match our expectations and we’d like to know more about you and we’ll be contacting you soon. Make the most out of this space and send us all important info about yourself.

Illustration of two hands forming a circle

2. Let’s meet

First hands insights into Bons through a call with your HR contact to learn more about the agency, the position and what we are looking for.

Illustration of adding pieces together

3. Show your skills

We’d like to see how you think and solve problems. To do that, we prepared really fun and cool small projects to give you the chance to show us your talent.

Illustration of adding pieces together

4. Professional Interview

During this step we discuss how you did showing your skills, giving you the chance to walk us through the whole process and get direct feedback from us.

Illustration of adding pieces together

5. Welcome on board 

That's it! You've made it! We extend you our offer and welcome you on an amazing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in our Process?

Everyone who’s up to the challenge, eager to create awesome experiences while sharing our values.

Can I work remote?

Be our guest.

How long is the hiring process?

As long as you want it to be. We focus on creating great experiences that allow both the recruiter and the candidate to have a quick, yet meaningful recruitment process.

Do I have to know english/german?

Having an intermediate level of English is a must. We work with team members and clients from all around the globe, therefore our internal documentation and information will always be in English. Speaking German is a plus, but not at all mandatory.

How are teams organized?

The Design, Implementation and Development teams are core to our business, they work together with the PM team to create awesome experiences for our partners. Marketing and HR are their perfect sidekicks to boost internal and external experiences alike.