Work at Bons

We hire passionate people and foster a company culture that empowers them to do their best work.

Current Openings

We value talent over skills and passion over knowledge. Are you up to the challenge?

Our Culture

We make stuff that makes people more productive, saves time, and moves work forward to help them feel better and get more accomplished.

Quality Over Quantity

You can do amazing things with a small, committed team. We take on fewer projects so we can devote our energy to doing them awesomely.

Keep It Simple

We are pragmatic and efficient. Our work is complex but easy to use. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Challenge Yourserlf

Since the start, we have prided ourselves on always being better, always challenging the old ways, and always staying on top of our game.

Not Only Client Work

We have our very own product, a simple but powerful project management tool to help teams move work forward.

Built in React, no Legacy Bullshit

Produck is made from the ground up using the latest technologies (react, node, graphql, etc.) and prepared to scale seamlessly.

Beautiful Experience

A beautiful user interface, a thought-out user experience, and the advantage of building a tool we are using ourselves. What else is there to say?

The Startup Way

We are a small team and every person counts. We value ideas over titles and a work-hard-play-hard mentality.

Produck Website