A new website to disrupt the home services industry. 


Web Design, Webflow Implementation, and Illustrations & Animations.


1 Web Designer, 1 Project Manager, 1 Front-end Engineer, 1 Illustrator/Animator


Oregon, United States

Dashing offers a blockchain-powered, automated ecosystem positioned to disrupt the fragmented and technologically untapped home services industry. 

We partnered with Dashing and created a new landing page to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to Dashing download page, and inform potential customers about their service. Also, with the purpose of attracting investors to their blockchain ecosystem.


Dashing’s website was not successfully communicating the company core services and value proposition, neither the brand values, or how the platform works. The biggest issues were converting users and presenting a professional yet fresh look & feel. We set ourselves to change creating a new website and brand concept.


We created a new website that clearly states what Dashing was all about and showcases not only the services, but also how users can get the most out of it with a step by step guide.

illustrations & animations

We created custom illustrations from scratch, starting with hand-draw sketches to make sure everyone is in sync with the message we were aiming to convey.

Once we had the concepts approved, we moved to create the polished illustrations within Dashing’s brand style and animated them using Lottie and Webflow Interactions to showcase the before and after using Dashing with a refined look & feel.

showcasing services

One of the biggest issues regarding conversion, was that users were not aware of the range of house services they could hire using Dashing's platform.

To solve this, we created sections using a combination of illustrations, photography, and custom iconography, to display the wide range of available services.

an expanding brand

Branding Design

Together with their website we worked on expanding and refining their brand, creating custom iconography and compositions.


We created a new website that was clearly states what Dashing is all about and showcasing not only the services, but also how users can get the most out of it with a step by step guide.


We defined the new brand colors, fonts, iconography, and components for the website and any other marketing piece that could need to be created in the future.