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Quick and easy access to top business coaches


UX/UI, Webflow Development, Custom Development


2 UI/UX Designers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Front-end Engineer


January 2020 - April 2020


Vienna, Austria

Haufe Coaching is the right partner to match top business coaches with individuals or key employees. Haufe Coaching is making sure that the expert on your side is the best coach for you.

With Haufe Coaching you can browse from three different coaching profiles to choose your personal coach, who is best matching with your shared requirements.

We've partnered with Haufe Coaching to redesign the two most visited pages to give them a modern look & feel, increase engagement, and to showcase the benefits and values for the user. These pages are key for testing the conversion improvements we’ve aimed for, which will eventually lead to a complete site and platform redesign.

Discovery & Research

During the whole process we worked very closely with Haufe Coaching’s Team aiming not only to create a unique and beautiful web design, but also to empower the content and make sure that the company’s mission was properly shared and transmitted to prospective clients.

To achieve this we’ve collaborated with Haufe Coaching’s Team, aligning their vision and ideas for the new site with our expertise on user experience, web design and development.

Composition of people and stats

The goal

The goal was to create a conversion oriented design and better user experience to more successfully share Haufe Coaching’s services, improving how users engage with the website content by showcasing all the information through a beautiful designed UI which is aligned with the Haufe Design Guidelines. 

Image of home screen

A self-editing experience

It was of utter importance for the client to be able to modify, add and update content by themselves without having to be a Webflow expert.

By creating most of the sections using Webflow CMS, we were able to achieve this request perfectly. And of course our work doesn’t end there, since we strive towards an integral client experience through training and ongoing support whenever needed.

Two woman having a conversation
Girl looking at her phone

Business Solutions

Haufe has a really amazing coaching platform, they know it, and want to show it to the world! They really put a lot of effort into creating a clear and summarized content, which introduced you to everything they have to offer, so we wanted our UI to stand up to these expectations. 

A digital platform for everything

A visually attractive and interactive graphic gives you a quick insight into the benefits and solutions the digital platform has to offer. We iterated with different approaches to showcase Haufe Coaching Team concept and what they wanted to communicate. 

Image Five steps to your platform

How to use the platform

Let’s be honest. You have an amazing platform and need to visually show it without getting too detailed or boring the user with specifics that are not needed at this initial stage. Since we wanted the user to get a taste of this amazing experience, we created a few minimalistic but visually aesthetic compositions which guide you through the platform.

A flexible platform for your needs

This platform is all about adaptability, flexibility and customization, so it was important to show how much can be customized to fit each company’s needs and expectations. An automatic slider can show a lot of information without overwhelming the user.

Image of platform
Image of platform

Coaches showcase

How to show in a summarized way that the coaching platform includes a vast amount of coaches? We’ve solved this with sliding info cards, introducing some of the coaches in a friendly and approachable way, so that you want to get to know more about them. Some interesting number facts about Haufe also helps you get familiarized with the company itself. 

Coaching for Individuals

Whereas Coaching for Business Solutions is dedicated to companies and enterprises, this page focuses on individualized coaching sessions.

Home Screen
Icon circle

How to find your coach

One of the most important sections was to showcase how Haufe Coaching is finding the right coach which is a match not only professional but also on a human level. For that we chose to display it through carefully selected image compositions, icons and an interactive timeline which work together to provide a clear process guide on how to find the perfect coach for you.

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Frequently asked questions

The page itself is so well structured, that as you arrive to its end, there probably won’t be any questions left to answer, but if so, the user can find a dropdown list of frequently asked questions that can guide him even further. A contact form allows you to get in touch with the person in charge if you still have doubts left, and you even get the chance to directly call or email her. 

Icon triangle

Packages & Pricing 

The highlight of this page probably is the packages and pricing section. Here the user finds all services at one glance, together with a customized calculator which shows the price with and without taxes for each coaching type according to the amount of selected hours, being able to book the sessions right away with just one click!

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Our Coaches

Sliders with personalized info cards for some of the coaches invite you to get to know more about each professional, also sharing knowledgeable information on their experience and the company’s general capabilities. 

Mobile view of websiteMobile view of websiteMobile view of website