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The world's most efficient tool to manage projects.


A modern project management tool with everything you need to easily manage your team and projects.

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Built from Scratch, the Right Way

We created a beautiful UI for our own project management tool to make it an enjoyable experience, easy to use, and powerful enough for teams of any size. To achieve this we built a robust infrastructure and used the latest technologies and standards to provide all the power needed under the hood.

  • React

  • NodeJS

  • GraphQL

  • Restful

  • PostgresSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Docker Swarm Environment

  • Continuous Integration & Deployment

  • Type Checker for JavaScript: Flow

Enjoy Creating and Managing Tasks
Rich text editoron issue details to give detailed specs

Inline Rich Text Editor for Descriptions

Fully featured, including inline editing, attachments, and images.

  • Drag & Drop Inline Attachments

  • Inline Editing (styles, code, and more)

Issue Details with Everything You Need

Status, priority, multiple assignees, due date, estimates, labels, sprints or epics, and more.

  • Status, priority, assignees, date picker, and more

  • Live updated with web sockets

Issue details with everything you need

Visualize issues your way

We’ve made Produck flexible enough to allow users to seamlessly switch between list or boards (kanban) views with just a click, just re-organizing the same content with a different design.

List View
Enjoy Creating and Managing Tasks
Super Powerful Comments

Powerful Live Comments

Super-fast live comments with shortcut snippets, attachments, and drag & drop images.

  • Live updated using web sockets

  • Inline attachments and Images

Permissions & Role Builder

Users can invite users to folders, projects, or sprints, allowing them to access the content nested inside. On top of that, we've created the most powerful role builder ever seen, allowing users to create custom roles with granular permissions that restrict visibility and/or actions on specific features.

Supercharged Permissions

Keep Work on Track

Burndown Charts provide an early indicator of how a project is progressing and can help teams meet deadlines and track their velocity. Burndown Charts are the perfect visual representation to answer the question, “How’s that project going?”

Supercharged Permissions

Not Just Responsive

Produck is not only an amazing web application, but it also works seamlessly on mobile devices with key UI/UX updates to make it a truly mobile experience.

Produck Tablet
Produck Tablet
Produck Tablet
Produck Tablet