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Produck Marketing

Branding and communication design

Communication design for the world's most efficient tool to manage projects.

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Produck’s Brand

We combined the duck and a “P” (from Produck) with a mighty duck icon to create a powerful brand that shows Produck’s voice and character: it’s not just a duck, it’s a pro-duck!

Produck Blue
Produck Yellow
Produck Orange
Produck Purple
Produck Red
Produck Green
Enjoy Creating and Managing Tasks

Creating a Home for Produck

We focused on highlighting a combination of key features and showcasing how beautiful Produck is not only visually but also to use.

Simple Pricing

Produck has only one plan, so we focused on showing the visitor why they should start using Produck for their team: pricing calculator, competitors comparison, features, and more.

We can't wait to take you on your digital journey.